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Now she is really speechless to the people of the Zhong family all at this time still ignorant standing there motionless I don't know if I have a problem with Gu Wei or what the reason is As soon as her voice fell Mrs Zhong said to Sister Zhong «You clean up with her sister-in-law I'll go down to the hospital with them first» Leaving Sister Zhong behind the old lady went downstairs quickly Wenjing went into Gu Wei's room opened the wardrobe and picked out several clothes for children and adults She took a change of things and hurried over with Sister Zhong She never wanted to go downstairs but saw Lu Qinglin driving over Wenjing and Sister Zhong got on the bus together It seems that I came in time originally went home to eat Aunt Fu said you came I wanted to come back to pick you up did not expect to meet Weiwei things Wen Jing laughed and said «Who says it's not a good time» Sister Zhong who was sitting in the car did not dare to say a word more Originally her husband was only a few years older than Lu Qinglin and he was the same age But Lu Qinglin was really young and she and her husband were one heaven and one earth Zhong Dajie thought it was ridiculous to divide the land among the local tyrants The Lu family used to be big capitalists but now they are still so superior in New China How unfair the world is The rich are always so powerful but the poor are always poor When she was thinking about it she had Chemicals forgotten that her brother was young but in a high position Wenjing knew about her idea but she just thought she was ridiculous There are so many unearned things in the world You just don't see what others pay A baby boy was born in the military hospital Gu Wei fell asleep Old Mrs Zhong rushed to hold the baby totally ignoring Gu Wei inside He opened the swaddling clothes and kept looking at the middle of the child's legs He cried with joy and kept saying to Zhong Ting «Fortunately it's a man with a handle Your mother and I can explain to your underground father» Wenjing saw that they really didn't mention Gu Wei so she said to Lu Qinglin «You go back and ask Xiaotang to cook some soup for Wei Wei There is a thermal insulation bucket at home Let her put it in it» If the first to come clock old lady is absolutely make a show also want to manage Gu Wei but she and Gu Wei at home too many times many times are Gu Wei win especially her son's money is all taken by Gu Wei she wants to do what she does she told Zhong Ting also does not work so she wished Gu Wei to die will not care about her After Wenjing asked Lu Qinglin to go back she went over to look after the child Who knew that Mrs Zhong had taken the child into her arms Zhong Ting knew what her mother meant in her heart and she had to mix mud on her face «Sister-in-law you are busy until now Sit down and rest quickly» «I'm fine» Wen Jing sat down with a smile She understood what Mrs Zhong meant Her son listened to her daughter-in-law and she could not save it But if her grandson grasped it wouldn't he directly control his daughter-in-law Her superficial trick was exposed in front of Wenjing who was not an ordinary person China Suppliers so she said with a smile «Zhong Ting I think your family should hire a nanny» Seeing that Zhong Ting wanted to open his mouth Wen Jing replied «The old lady is old and the elder sister takes care of the old lady specially If we ask a nanny to take care of the child and take care of Wei Wei we can rest assured that both of them are good» As soon as she said this Mrs Zhong immediately came over «In-laws sister-in-law how to say this Our family is not like yours His elder sister and I can take care of the children so don't worry about it» She did not like Gu Wei's appearance there is also a place where the daughter-in-law spent money lavishly she euphemistically told her mother's family but the in-laws sister-in-law just smiled without a word but also said that she had a sense of propriety I am Weiwei's sister-in-law She is young and doesn't understand the importance of confinement It won't take long just take care of it for a month or two If you're worried about money why don't we invite it She must fight for time for Gu Wei otherwise the month falls ill the child is also raised not to kiss themselves after Gu Wei's mood will be damaged thus affecting the couple's feelings As soon as he heard that it was only for one or two months Zhong Ting immediately said «Sister-in-law where can I ask you to pay for it I'll pay for it» ” Wen Jing then said «That's all right Although I can often come here I've been transferred to a new unit now I'm more relieved to invite someone» If the old lady of the Zhong family and the sister-in-law are sensible Wenjing will not care but they even skimp on the diet of Gu Wei this month she is afraid that the old lady only takes care of her grandson regardless of Gu Wei's body Zhong Ting can do this position is not a muddleheaded person soon asked Minerals & Metallurgy a sister-in-law to come over to help Gu Wei's confinement is very comfortable this is the last word Wenjing found more serious problems 157 Chapter 157 The Quiet Being Overhead It was only when she entered the textile factory that she found that her work was actually overhead As a director in the textile factory it sounded like she had real power But the strange thing about this department was that the factory director above asked to hand over the money to the deputy director The person in charge was another section chief She did nothing there except go to work and get off work Wenjing soon realized that there was a big problem in the textile factory The deputy director was also a woman She was born petite and exquisite She opened her mouth with Wu Nong's soft language She was smiling but it was a pity that things were watertight No matter what Wenjing wanted to do she did it properly She also said to Wenjing «Director you can rest assured that I will do it properly for you You just need to be responsible for checking it for us» The deputy director's words were clear and Wenjing was not a fool She thought that it was not so easy to intervene for a while so she pretended not to know anything and patted her chest «Oh that's great» You don't know that I have students to take care of at home and my husband is busy doing things I usually have more time to take care of them I was worried that I would be so busy here but I didn't expect to have such a strong subordinate like you so I was relieved This subordinate made Liu Yazhu very uncomfortable Liu Yazhu was originally a relative of the former director of the textile factory She became the deputy director in order to become a full member as soon as possible She was also a high school student In her bones she was not convinced that the trade union had parachuted in so she was quietly excluded trade-global.com

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