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With tears in his eyes, he suddenly saw Liang Xiao walking slowly down the road, listlessly. He probably saw her. He quickened his pace and flew over. «I don't think I'll see you, Yingying,» he exulted. When Liu Yingying saw him, she had mixed feelings. Then she heard him call out «Yingying.» Although her face was tense, her heart softened for the most part. «I thought you wouldn't come,» she said coldly. Liang Xiao said with a smile, «Rouge has four legs. I only have two legs. Naturally, I can't outrun it.» «You didn't run at all,» said Liu Yingying angrily. Liang Xiao frowned, scratched his head and said, «I thought you were angry and refused to talk to me.» As soon as Liu Yingying heard what he said, she immediately raised her grievance and fell on the stone, crying. Liang Xiao is a clever lark on weekdays, but today I don't know why, his mind is much slower, and he is no longer as clever as before. When Liu Yingying burst into tears, she said in a panic, «Don't cry. Don't cry. What's wrong with me? Just hit me. I won't fight back.» Still weeping, Liu Yingying cried, «Shifu doesn't want me, and those bastards have wronged me, saying that I stole their box. You little goat not only don't help me, but also make me angry with them. Are you willing to let me die?» I'll be fine when I'm dead. I don't have any worries. Liang Xiao listens to her to cry miserably, also do not feel sad, a word blurts out: «You want to die, I accompany you to die.» Liu Yingying's charming body trembled, and a sweet feeling rose in her chest. She snorted softly and said in an astringent voice, «If you want to die yourself, who will die with you?» «If you don't cry,» said Liang Xiao with a smile, «it won't matter if I die.» «Bah,hydraulic fitting manufacturer,» said Liu Yingying, «how many times can a man die?» «Yes,» said Liang Xiao. «I was naughty when I was a child. My father used to beat me. When he beat me so hard, I rolled my eyes and pretended to be dead. Seeing this, my father stopped beating me. In that case, he has died many times. Liu Yingying couldn't help laughing out loud, but she only laughed for a moment and then thought, „No, this boy is so tired and lazy. If I don't give him a blow today, I won't be able to subdue him in the future.“ Immediately, he turned up his pink cheeks and said nothing. Liang Xiao said those words, and the dead father,needle valve manufacturer, very sad, no longer have the heart to laugh. When Liu Yingying heard that he had not spoken for a long time, she could not hold back. She snorted coldly and said, „So what do you say?“? I've been wronged. Liang Xiao twisted his eyebrows and shouted, „I don't believe you stole the iron box, and neither does the old monk, do I?“? What does anyone care about him? If you want to fight, I will accompany you. „Are you great?“ Liu Yingying spat. He lowered his head and smiled secretly, then looked up and said, „Little goat, I want to make an agreement with you.“ When Liang Xiao saw that her beautiful eyes were flushed and her snow-white face was still stained with tears, he could not help feeling pity for her. „Don't say three chapters,“ he sighed. „I'll follow you in thirty chapters.“ „“ I'm not kidding, „said Liu Yingying with a sneer.“ If you can stick to these three chapters, you can't. We'll go our separate ways, so we won't have to worry about each other. Liang Xiao looked at what she said solemnly, thinking that if he didn't see her again, he didn't know how uncomfortable it would be. „Well,“ he said, „I'll do whatever you say.“ „First,“ said Liu Yingying, „from now on, hydraulic fitting supplier ,stainless steel needle valve, don't touch me until you've been promised. The left hand cuts the left hand, and the right hand cuts the right hand.“ Liang Xiao thought, „If you touch it carelessly, wouldn't you be wronged?“ But at present inconvenience disobeys, be forced to say: „Good.“ Liu Yingying stared at him intently, and when she saw that he had promised, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, „The second thing is that from now on, if you don't step into the railing, you can cut off your left foot with your left foot, and if you step in with your right foot, you can cut off your right foot.“ „Why?“ Asked Liang Hsiao-chi. Liu Yingying blushed and spat, „Bah, do you still have the face to ask?“ „If I go in,“ said Liang Xiao, „I won't ask anyone to sing, okay?“ „That won't do,“ said Liu Yingying angrily. „Well,“ said Liang Xiao dejectedly, „I won't go.“ When Liu Yingying heard his promise, she was secretly pleased. „Third,“ she said with a suppressed smile, „from now on, you will never tear a woman's clothes again. If you dare to do so, I will kill her first, then you, and then commit suicide.“ As soon as he looked up, he saw Liang Xiao staring at himself, stunned. „Are you pretending to be stupid?“ Asked Liu Yingying angrily? If you don't agree, I'll leave at once. Before he had finished speaking, his eyes turned red again. When Liang Hsiao heard that she had made three rules, one more ferocious than the other, he was very puzzled, but he could not bear to hurt her heart, so he had to say, „I promise.“. „Liu Yingying listened to his promise, satisfied, turned anger into joy, to pull Liang Xiao, Liang Xiao frightened, a hand shrink.“. Liu Yingying could not help laughing. She giggled and bent over. „If I pull you, you won't break the contract, fool,“ she said. „What is that?“ Asked Liang Hsiao-chi? Can you just go to Goulan? Do you tear a man's clothes? Liu Yingying's face changed and she said angrily, „How could I tear a man's clothes?“ Liang Xiao wanted to make her happy, so he had to say, „Well, it's up to you. I don't care what you do.“ „“ Liang Xiao, „said Liu Yingying with a straight face,“ as long as you follow my rules, I will never do anything wrong to you. Listening to her tone, Liang Xiao seemed to regard himself as a very unique person. His heart was sweet, and there was nothing else. „So am I,“ he said with a smile. The two of them looked at each other with a smile, and the resentment in their chests disappeared. „Where are you going, Yingying?“ Asked Liang Xiao, sitting down. Liu Yingying said thoughtfully, „Since old man Chu wronged me for stealing that'stupid sheep 'iron box, hum, this girl should really steal it and show him.“ Liang Xiao clapped his hands and said with a smile, „Yes, that's the way it should be.“ „When Liu Yingying got his agreement, she was overjoyed and smiled. Then she frowned and said,“ I left my willow hat in the restaurant. „What's so good about Dai Laoshizi?“ Asked Liang Xiao? It's boring not to look at you. Liu Yingying couldn't help laughing and said, „Little goat, do you love to look at me?“ Liang Xiao blushed for no reason and nodded. Liu Yingying smiled sweetly and said, „Well, as long as you're by my side, I won't wear that. I'll let you see enough.“ „Yes,“ said Liang Hsiao-hsi, „you're so good-looking that you should be seen by everyone.“ As he spoke,tube fitting manufacturer, he pulled the reins and said, „I'll lead the horse.“ When Liu Yingying heard him praise her beauty, she was delighted and walked beside him with a smile. chinaroke.com

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