Shuangtong Big Brother Takes You to Fly [Quickly]

As a rich man, he certainly knows that sometimes expensive does not necessarily mean good, but he knows better that cheap things must not be so good. You get what you pay for. This is a critical period. He'd better buy something better. Anyway, too much debt does not weigh down the body, and too many lice do not itch. Just owe it. So Qi Shiquan owed 1500 points to Jinshan. When Ying Sheng worked out the three exercises of shooting, walking and jumping for Qi Shiquan, and began to let the wooden man supervise his practice, Jinshan stood beside the basketball court temporarily built for Qi Shiquan. Why don't you make money? Are you out of your mind?] Ying Sheng took one look at the elegant and undisciplined man who rolled his eyes and said directly: [I have 200 points.] Jinshan raised his eyebrows directly: [Ha! Are you waiting for me here? Why did you suddenly give in and put in a good word for me! Nutrients earned a total of 500, I can give you 150 at most, and you can't even think about more! That's more than your original 100!] Jinshan is still waiting for Ying Sheng to continue to argue with him, but this guy actually nodded directly. [150 is 150. Give it to me.] Big Brother Kim finally felt something was wrong. His beautiful eyes looked up and down at Ying Sheng: «You, brain, really all right?» Ying Sheng didn't look at Jinshan: [What the mastermind said after returning to the main city last time is not obvious enough? The task in the future must be done by the two of us. Moreover, after that, the difficulty of the task must be gradually increased. Maybe we will meet other system carriers or even some big chance people. If we meet such an opponent,metal stamping parts, then according to our current situation, the possibility of mission failure is very high. Otherwise, there wouldn't be no system leader to complete the ultimate task by now. Kingsoft smiled. [So you gave in?] Ying Sheng suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped Qi Shiquan, who wanted to be lazy, on the back. Qi Shiquan, who was in the distance,CNC machining parts, almost fell into the mud. Then he said, «If I don't give in voluntarily, will you give in voluntarily?» Jinshan sat on the sofa where the duck had moved out and did not answer. But he knew very well that he would not. He has experienced too much and seen through too much to get to where he is today. To their level of guide, who has no blood in his hands, who is not the organ to calculate. It is the most true portrayal of them that they would rather ask me to fail the world than ask the world to fail me. Therefore, they will not retreat, because one step may retreat step by step. The result of retreating too much is that the devil take the hindmost. Just win the initiative to concede but let Jinshan heart up a little wave. Before guiding Wu You with Ying Sheng for more than ten years, he could be sure how firm and stubborn Ying Sheng was. That is an overweening king. The result is that such an overweening person should take the initiative to concede. It's really… Jinshan's mood is a little complicated for a while. He looked at Qi Shiquan for a while and suddenly felt that it was not interesting. With a wave of his hand, he disappeared with the duck and the sofa. At the same time, Ying Sheng received a prompt from the system, die casting parts ,die cast light housing, and he earned 200 points. Looking at the golden points to their own here slowly turned black, winning the eyes of the deep two points. In fact, even he himself was not sure why he would give in voluntarily. But now it seems that the result of the concession does not make him feel bad. So at half past twelve in the evening, when Qi Dashao went upstairs to sleep under the distressed eyes of the nanny and housekeeper at home, as well as his own father and mother, he saw Big Brother Jin with a more brilliant smile. Qi Shiquan ate a small piece of nutrient with pain all over his body, and asked Jinshan: «Well, what good things happened?» Jinshan touched his dog's head: «Do you know why Xiaoming can live to eighty years old safely?» Qi Shiquan pulled the corners of his mouth, lifted the quilt and wrapped himself up and went to sleep. Ha ha, of course he knows, but such a blatant threat, Jin Da flicker is really too annoying! In the dim light of night, Jinshan and Yingsheng looked at each other, and Jinshan suddenly had a feeling that he didn't want to enter the spiritual space and be alone with this guy. After living for such a long time, I suddenly feel embarrassed. Then Jinshan looked directly at Ying Sheng and laughed. If it was a honey trap, he really didn't lose to anyone. Ying Sheng's face did not change, and his eyes did not move away from Jinshan's eyes. After that, for six days in a row, Qi Shiquan had a terrible and crazy basketball exercise after school. In the eyes of Qi Shiquan, he was forced to train on the basketball court in his yard. In front of him, there was a big yellow duck eyeing him covetously. For a while, he grabbed his basketball with a flexible posture completely inconsistent with his huge size. For a while, he used all kinds of methods to trip him up beside him. It was simply abominable. Behind him was a shadowy wooden man, whose strength was so great that it gave him a sense of oppression just behind him, which made him want to stop and be lazy. Next to the basketball court, there were two big men eating grilled squid staring at him, and life was almost hopeless. However, the two big men did not talk to each other when they first appeared, and there was a clear distinction between them. Why are you eating grilled squid together these days?! When did their relationship become so, so, how to say, so peaceful? Qi Shiquan was puzzled, as were Qi Shiquan's parents and his uncle who was pulled over by his parents. Qi Minchuan and Lin Xiyan were on tenterhooks these seven days. They thought that their son had set up a temporary basketball court at home just to play on a whim. It was a good thing to be able to keep fit. Naturally, they would not object. But on the first night, when Qi Shiquan was exercising until twelve o'clock,titanium machining parts, Qi Minchuan and his wife felt something was wrong. After three days in a row, Qi Shiquan trained himself crazily, almost scaring Qi's father and mother.

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