Airspeed star marks

Mary has experienced many accidents, and has already seen that there is an unusual connection between the blue and the sky mark, but because of Zhu Rong, she did not ask questions, she asked more than once to the blue bright big eyes, but the blue always bowed his head to avoid. Ravaged looking at Mary nostalgically, asked: «Mary Miss, after leaving here where are you going?» Mary came to her senses and said with a smile, «It's the same as before. I'll travel around the planets of the Galactic Alliance. Only by seeing more of them can I have a deeper understanding of music.». And you, Judge? Ravaged with a wry smile: «I'm still the same. I'm afraid I'll be leaving soon. After all, I have my own task.» Mary still kept a faint smile, «in this case, I will not keep you, we will have the opportunity to meet again in the future.» When Ravaged saw that Mary had given the order to leave, he didn't say much. He turned his eyes to Lan Lan and said, «Girl, I'll tell old Phil about you. But you should pay attention to yourself. After all, you made him lose face this time.» Lan Lan stood up, lowered his head and said, «Thank you,socket screw plug, Grandpa Zhu Rong.». I'll go back and explain to my mother as soon as possible. Ravaged nodded, first paid the bill, this just left the coffee shop. Blue and Mary were the only two people left at the table. Mary took Blue's hand and said, «Now you can tell Auntie what's going on.». What is the relationship between you and the sky mark? Why does he look at you so strangely. And there seems to be something wrong with Moore's control today. It's the first time I've seen him so silent. Lan Lan lowered her head and murmured, «Auntie, don't ask. It's my fault about Tian Hen.» Mary sighed lightly and said, «Your mother and I are good friends. We always treat you as our own daughter. Aunt hopes that you can speak out the troubles in your heart so that we can find a way to solve them.». You know,alloy die casting, my sixth sense has always been very sensitive, just now, I felt an unusual sense of danger from the child named Tianhen, although he deliberately concealed something, but I can feel that it is absolutely unwise to become his enemy. As soon as Lan Lan's body shook, she certainly knew how sensitive Mary's sixth sense was, and it was precisely because of that illusory feeling that her singing produced a dreamy feeling of reversing all living beings. Aunt, in fact, we are not enemies, but I have used him. Since you want to know, I'll tell you. In fact, I don't know how to deal with this matter now. At that moment, she briefly described the process of her acquaintance with Tianhen. After listening to Lan Lan's narration, Mary's eyes showed a look of shock. «Nonsense, deep draw stamping ,DIN screw plug, you are really too ridiculous.». I was wondering what method you used to make your mother suppress the marriage, so you. How can I say hello to you? Although I agree that you should not get married, you should never involve an outsider in it. Although I don't know exactly what happened, your behavior must have brought a lot of trouble to Tianhen. Things have happened, you should sincerely apologize to others, but you said that to him, silly child, this matter you are too wrong. If my guess is right, your conversation with Tianhen must have been heard by Moore's controller, otherwise, he would not have had a completely different expression than usual. Lan Lan lost his voice and said, «No, I won't. How can that be possible?» Mary sighed faintly and said, «You were born in the Holy Alliance. You should know more about space powers than I do. With the strength of Moore's controller, I'm afraid everything that happened in Haotian Stadium at that time will not escape his attention. Come with me quickly. Before they go far, I'll take you to apologize to Tianhen.». I hope this can be resolved smoothly. «No, I'm not going.» Self-esteem made Lan Lan refuse Mary's kindness. There was a trace of disappointment in Mary's eyes. «Silly boy, you don't care about the overall situation.». This isn't just about you. Zhu Rong's judge is right. Moore's controller obviously attaches great importance to his disciples. If you do so, it is likely to affect the relationship between Moore's controller and your grandfather. The Holy Alliance itself is somewhat unstable, which will add more variables. ” Lan Lan said doubtfully, «Auntie, is it really that serious?»? However, I do not want to say anything with the sky mark, everything has passed, I think, he should not care too much about it. Mary's eyes more than a little pity, lightly sighed: «Blue, you do not understand, you hurt a man's self-esteem.». If you really give him the first time, I think he will not blame you for anything, but will accommodate you, but you just use him, what is the most wrong thing you do? You shouldn't tell him the truth, you know? Lan Lan was a little excited. She shook her head forcefully and said, «I don't understand, aunt. I really don't understand.». Don't push me, okay? Let's get out of here. I don't want to deal with this anymore. Mary looked at Lan Lan's unstable mood and could not help sighing secretly. Although she was not a member of the Holy Alliance, she was born in an ancient family and was the best at observing people. Although she had only a short contact, she had already seen that the sky mark must not be a thing in the pool, and Lan Lan's wayward approach was likely to make her lose what she should not lose in her life. Tianhen and Moore calmly walked on the streets of Ming Huangcheng. At this time, Tianhen looked much more relaxed, as if he had put down the heavy burden he had been carrying. I'm sorry, teacher, I humiliated you just now. Moore looked kindly at the sky mark and shook his head. «You don't need to tell me that. I'm glad to see a man stand up again. You're stronger than I thought.» With a sigh, Tianhen said,Magnetic Drain Plug, «I've figured it out. Knowing the truth is only good for me. At least, I don't owe anything to the Phil family now, and I don't have to complete the three unknown tasks for Mrs. Ouya.» 。

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