Immortal Journey 2

After the incarnation of Zizhu was in seclusion, he entered the pass and found that four disciples were practicing. The heart had dispute, directly into the void, again out again, has been thousands of miles away. Then he went straight up for nine days, sat in the air, closed his eyes and settled down. Mind power, no longer exists, now Jiang Hong has a kind of perception between divine consciousness and mind power, and in this world, the monks are called spiritual consciousness. It seems to have a strong connection with his present perception, which is very similar, so he also calls it spiritual consciousness. After entering samadhi, spiritual consciousness is released, and the boundless world is immediately revealed in the heart. Vibrant things, as well as all kinds of creatures full of spirituality, there are countless monks hidden in the mountain house retreat, there are immortals down the road, more celestial immortals, earth immortals, big Luo Jinxian, countless monks. The conversation between the monks, the exchange between the living beings and the outside world, the movement of all things in the world, after nightfall, countless stars appear in the sky, including the stars of Taiyin. The incarnation of Zizhu, who was in samadhi, suddenly opened his eyes and looked north. He took a step and appeared in front of a monk. He saw that the monk was the fairy sea mother he had met in the sea, and Li Xinru, the star mark scattered. The three of them were chased by a group of monks. Seeing the sudden appearance of the incarnation of purple bamboo, the fairy Haimu said, «You..» «I didn't expect you to fall into such a situation. I pointed out a way for you before, but now I can meet you and help you.» The incarnation of Zizhu said, with a wave of his hand, he took the three men into the void, and when he came in, he was already near the Xiaoyao Gate. This is the Xiaoyao Sect of the Jinli Sect. The three of you can go there. As for the monks who are chasing you, how dare they come to my Xiaoyao Sect to look for trouble? Purple bamboo incarnate way. Fairy Sea Mother was frightened and said, «You are the Xiaoyao Sect. Are you the Void?» Exactly, said with three people directly into the valley, ordered a just out of the heart orchid soon left. See Jiang Hong leave, Li Xinru how willing,jujube seed powder, come forward to stop, «since you point out and come, want to think you will help me and so on, how can I leave at this moment, my lover can only support a few days.» The incarnation of Zizhu turned to Li Xinru and said, «You are an unreasonable woman. I left. How can I know that no one saved your lover? Do you think that with my magical power, I want to imprison you and so on, and I still need to talk nonsense with you?» After hearing this, Fairy Sea Mother's face changed greatly. She hurriedly stepped forward and said, «Xin'er, I'm afraid the elder has already made arrangements. Don't be rude.» Suddenly, Xinlan stepped forward and said, «Master, you are not out of the pass, and you have left. How can you save this man?» «Just leave the pass. Just leave the pass. You don't have to say much. Go as a teacher.» Purple bamboo incarnation said, directly did not have the figure. Fairy sea mother, Li Xinru listened to the heart secretly shocked, unexpectedly this person is only an incarnation of others, the real body is out of the customs, no wonder to leave, must be something. Chapter 25 there is a day outside the sky, best green coffee bean extract ,lycopene for skin, and then accept disciples, experience the world of mortals. As soon as the incarnation of Zizhu left, Jiang Hong immediately woke up from samadhi and felt that his body was not very powerful, but pure and incomparable. Knowing that he could no longer practice, he withdrew the ban and came out of the bamboo house. Jiang Hong out of the pass, heart orchid naturally sense. Then led the fairy sea mother three people to go, just stepped into the bamboo house and found Jiang Hong already sitting in the upper seat of the small hall, with a smile on his face to watch them come in. Fairy Sea Mother saw Jiang Hong immediately observed, only to see a very ordinary man in a Taoist robe was smiling at them, his eyes were bright and deep, and he could see through him at a glance. Li Xinru also has this feeling, only the star mark scattered people, a pair of death can not be the case, people can not help frowning. I've seen the Master. The heart orchid immediately stepped forward to salute, and then said, «Master, they are..» Jiang Hong waved his hand and said, «No need to say more, I know.» Fairy Sea Mother was shocked. At the beginning, she only felt that the magic power of the people in front of her was not very good, but as she observed, she found that the other side was unfathomable. Before that, it was like seeing flowers in a fog. How could she see through half a minute. Seeing the heart orchid in action, he came to his senses and stepped forward, «I've seen the religious leader.» Li Xinru also came forward to see it. Jiang Hong only nodded, the hand gently, the star mark scattered people flew to his side, looked for a long time, «fortunately can keep the primordial spirit, hurt deep enough, fortunately met me, if not, is the sage to come also trouble tight.». ” Li Xinru listened to the heart is slightly not to hide, can think of the other side for one side of the leader, oneself is to ask for help, if the other side will save his lover, there will be great magical power, more magic power, how can he offend. Fairy Sea Mother said, «Master, can the Star Mark be saved?» «Naturally, it can be saved. If not, we will tell you to wait.» Jiang Hong said with a smile that he also knew that the two women did not believe him and did not care about it. He thought that the star mark scattered people were also miserable, as if he still had a big fate with himself. Li Xinru still couldn't help asking, «Master, since you can save my lover, how can you let go when you meet overseas and ask me to wait for thousands of miles to come?» «You are a disciple of Hai Mu, and I shouldn't have haggled with you. But you are such a person. You don't know what's wrong. You only act on impulse. If you are in great trouble in the future, you will have to be rescued by your lover.» Jiang Hong changed his smile just now and said lightly that his tone sounded like a deep warning. Hearing this, Li Xinru was extremely angry. Her face was cloudy and sunny. After she recovered, she only moved her mouth and dared not say more. When Jiang Hong saw this, he knew that it was useless to say more. He said, «Laner, you are here to entertain their master and disciples. As a teacher, you will go to cure the Star Mark Scattered People. This person is predestined with me.» The heart orchid promised, not waiting for the fairy sea mother and Li Xinru to make a sound, then took the star mark scattered people to disappear, but into the quiet room, first with great magic to stabilize the primordial spirit, and then remove the layers of prohibition on his body, this prohibition is also the fairy sea mother to keep the star mark scattered people down. Hand void a grasp, star mark scattered people yuan Shen was caught in his hands, only to see a child-sized, slightly transparent villain in the hands of Jiang Hong, the light on the body of the villain dim, will crack at any time in general. How to lay such a vicious hand, then send it into reincarnation without suffering such a sin. Jiang Hong secret way, the hand also did not stop,akba boswellic acid, the primordial spirit gives birth to the magic power, through both hands, a group of white light will star mark scattered person's primordial spirit to wrap.

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