Heaven does not agree

The son of an aristocratic family comes from a famous family, and he is not troubled by his official status. And, how is his skill, the two majesties may be the most clear living person in the world. In the past few years, most of the people who really fought with He yuan were assassins who rushed to Shengjia. To exaggerate, one of the assassins was counted as one, and the grass on the grave was too thick to see the soil. In any case, there is really no more suitable candidate than He yuan today. Emperor Zhaoning and the emperor looked at each other and smiled, «Yes.» When the ceremonial officer spread the news all over the brocade sheds again, all the people on this side of Dazhou laughed and cheered. Originally, Zhao Qiao was leaning on the railing with Mu Jiqing, a girl from the Gongyuan Hou Mu family who came from the brocade shed next door, worried about the two majesties. The two girls were relieved when they heard that He yuan had taken up the challenge. Mu Jiqing clenched his fist and waved his hand vigorously to He yuan, who rushed down his head. «My seventh uncle kills people without blinking!» He shouted with a low laugh! Hit him at random with 70% internal injuries, that's all for the sake of the diplomatic relations between the two countries to treat each other with courtesy! The Mu family and the He family are related by marriage. Mu Jiqing is nearly the same age as Zhao Qiao, but he is the nephew of He yuan. You don't have to be so proud to say that you kill people without blinking, do you? Zhao Qiao smiled and patted her on the forehead. In the heart actually has a little person to stamp the foot anxiously: «The wound has not healed completely, this is anxious to make any limelight!»! The author has something to say: enter V tomorrow, there will be more,pumpkin seed extract, the first more will try to strive for in the afternoon, thank you, Mada ~ Thanks to mantis shrimp? The grenade Thanks a Wen's head duck x2, a Wen's head duck, Xi Xi Xi, Yi Xi Yun, Mu, 21433756,stesweet stevia, a Li Joy, Suan Choo, Xiao a Zi, Meng Ma's landmine Chapter 23 After all, it is a discussion on the scene of state affairs. It is not an ordinary challenge in Jianghu. It can neither damage the national prestige nor hurt the harmony. In fact, it is very difficult to handle. After it was decided that He yuan should fight, the two sides who could not speak had to rely on the nine orders to translate back and forth to negotiate the detailed rules of the competition and the way to decide the victory or defeat. Zhao Qiao and Mu Jiqing stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the fence, watching the people negotiating in front of the holy driving, their minds were different. Although He yuan took the initiative to solve the problem of Emperor Zhaoning, Zhao Qiao was relieved. But she was still a little worried about He yuan's injury. The doctors in He yuan's residence reported his recovery to the inner city every day, and Your Majesty and the emperor knew very well that he had not yet fully recovered. If he hadn't taken the initiative to fight today, Your Majesty and the emperor wouldn't have ordered him. He doesn't like to take credit for being in the limelight. Everything should be careful first. Why is he suddenly impulsive today? Zhao Qiao muttered. Perhaps he was afraid that others would not be sure to fight. The seventh uncle always has an excessive sense of responsibility in the overall situation, my uncle said, ghana seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, «Mu Jiqing looked at the group of people who were negotiating in front of the holy driver with shining eyes, and asked casually,» By the way, two girls, you and my seventh uncle, what do you say now? " Although the two families of He and Mu were relatives by marriage, and Mu Jiqing was also courteous and called He yuan «Uncle Seven», both of them were children of their respective clans. If it were not for the grand scene of the two clans, they did not have much contact in private, and they were not familiar with each other. So she is not very clear about Zhao Qiao and He yuan, only probably know that the original agreement has been shelved. I heard the chief say that he forgot something after he was injured, and the doctor wouldn't let anyone urge him to think about it. Then aren't you and Uncle Qi frozen? The «head» in Mu Jiqing's mouth is her little aunt Mu Qingni. Once upon a time in Mingzheng Academy, Zhao Qiao, Mu Qingni and Mu Jiqing, as well as Mu Jiqing's brother Mu Jiyang, were all classmates. But Zhao Qiao played truant every other day and was not familiar with his classmates, so he was «congenial» to Mu Qingni, who occasionally skipped classes together. After finishing her studies in the Academy, Mu Qingni was admitted to Yushitai. In just two years, she was promoted several grades. Now she is Zuo Suzhengtai, who is responsible for supervising the discipline of the army. She has become a busy man and has fewer opportunities to meet Zhao Qiao. But the idle Mu Jiqing often met Zhao Qiao on various occasions, more familiar than when he was in the Academy. «Don't you just freeze?» Zhao Qiao smiled helplessly and changed the topic lightly. «Oh, why didn't you see the Marquis Mu come to accompany you this time?» In the morning, she was a little sleepy and confused, and did not pay attention to many things. Only then did it turn out that it was Mu Jiqing and her father, Mu Wuluan, the younger brother of Gongyuan Hou, who had come on behalf of Gongyuan Hou's mansion, not Gong yuan Hou himself. Mu Jiqing raised her eyebrows and smiled mysteriously. «Didn't Princess Xin come either?» «On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Your Majesty issued an urgent order to ban the'Xiyi Shenwu Gate ', and my sister-in-law was busy in Duyushifu..» Zhao Qiao said that he wanted to understand, shook his head with a smile, «it seems that it is not just as simple as carrying a magic stick.» Both of them are idle ladies who do not hold court positions, and they are not suitable to talk deeply about this topic on the present occasion. Mu Jiqing changed the subject: «Why is your third brother missing?» Smiling softly, Zhao Qiao motioned with his eyes to the saint below: «Your Majesty is calling him for questioning.» On the side of Shengjia, Zhao Weisu made a waiting list. And in front of the holy driving is He yuan and Cha Mei Xiao Guo Jiu standing facing each other, both of them are standing beside the nine orders of each family, apparently still in the process of negotiation. Because He yuan turned his back to Zhao Qiao's brocade shed, while the small uncle of tea plum in purple shirt and white face was facing her. As soon as she smiled, Uncle Xiao Guo seemed to have a third eye on his head and immediately looked up. Zhao Qiao suddenly changed his face and was furious: «Bastard!»! It's that sneaky look again! Mu Jiqing was startled by her sudden anger, and only after a moment did she realize that she was talking about the little uncle. As a matter of fact, generally speaking, the girls of the Dazhou family are generous and magnanimous. When they meet strangers who simply show their appreciation and admiration for their appearance, they generally don't care about it,tannic acid astringent, let alone speak ill of it. After Mu Jiqing frowned and looked at the little uncle a few times, he felt the same and shivered in disgust: «Why is his eyes so dirty?!» Just then, the officials in charge of the ceremony struck the Gong to announce that the match between He Qi's son and Cha Mei Xiaoguo's uncle would be two wins in three games. Round 1 with bamboo sword; round 2 with bare hands; round 3 with wooden sword. prius-biotech.com

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