The Eternal Respect of Covering the Sky (Fantasy Novels)

«Yes!»! Supreme! The nine incarnations turned into immortal lights and rushed into the realm of virtual gods. Together with the gods, they fully mobilized this spiritual world. The vast mind power accumulated over a long period of time began to operate, and could be activated at any time to bless sentient beings and let people express their power. And the rest of the strong, is to return to their own suppression of the star field, the final preparation! …… Zixiao Palace was silent again, and Ji Huanyu sat alone in the main hall, with deep eyes, thinking about his own path. Alternative enlightenment is not the end, but the beginning. Now is the second life of my life, when I go further and accumulate the conditions to start the third life. In the huge palace, Ji Huanyu's hands were imprinted, drawing immeasurable essence from the void. Beside his body, the rosy clouds were rolling, the immortal fog was surging, and the essence of heaven and earth was turning into juice. Come here He let out an exclamation, his hands shining, intercepting the essence of the origin of heaven and earth! «Hum!» The whole grand palace was full of divine light, and the universe was in violent turmoil. The scene in this place was unusual. A brilliant divine liquid emerged around him, flowing with the breath of immortal matter. This is the essence of the origin of heaven and earth, contains strands of immortal material, this is the source of God, if solidified, can seal the living beings! However, instead of doing so, he led it into his body, into the sea of knowledge, and watered it on a seed. The immortal Qi in it is like an introduction, which makes the seed germinate and grow in the shortest time! Flower of the gods! This is the treasure that Ji Huanyu got in the past. It was once a God in the fairy world. It can guide people into a realm of Taoism and touch the great secret of longevity. This is much more useful than the immortal traces of the ancient times in the chaos beads of the world, because those are separated by a long time, and do not fit with the road of heaven and earth in this period of time. If you want to get something from it,eye cream packaging tube, you have to comb and transform it slowly, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. But this divine flower is different. It absorbs the principles of this world and blossoms, realizing a kind of transformation and sublimation. It becomes in the world of mortals but goes beyond the world of mortals. When it blossoms, it is amazing, which can make the viewer have a great harvest. Unfortunately, this can only be observed by those who have attained the Tao, and even if their strength is poor, they will not be able to do so. Otherwise, the primordial spirit may turn into light and rain, and eventually lead to self-destruction. At this moment,plastic laminted tube, the essence of the origin of heaven and earth poured on it, suddenly swaying out of the gorgeous light and rain, as if to open something, this divine flower began to absorb the essence of heaven and earth crazily, the leaves glittering, with a kind of magic, but also directly from the void to absorb the essence of the universe. It is in the sea of knowledge of Ji Huanyu. In fact, to the extent of Ji Huanyu today, every cell in his body can be turned into a star, which is difficult to measure, not to mention the sea of knowledge. Like a real world, a divine flower blooms in it, which is naturally not a problem. The bud began to tremble, and then suddenly «bang», blooming a petal, this moment, light and rain all over the sky, the whole sea of knowledge are submerged, extremely brilliant and brilliant! But in that light rain, unexpectedly has the immortal virtual shadow to dance, looks is so mysterious, plastic cosmetic tubes ,plastic packaging tube, lets the human change color. The primordial spirit of Ji Huanyu is watching quietly in the sea of knowledge, in which immortals are blooming, and all the secrets are placed in front of him. This flower is very beautiful, but it is also very dangerous. It is blooming in his sea of knowledge, and even makes him have an impulse to transform the Tao! The average monk, just watching from the outside world, is likely to leave the body of the primordial spirit and end up in the Tao, but now he is blooming in the sea of knowledge, how crazy is it? However, only in this way can we have the greatest harvest. Boo! The petals are blooming one after another, gorgeous to the extreme, beautiful to the mind, with a kind of extraordinary fragrance and brilliance, which makes Ji Huanyu feel a kind of transformation of Tao, and even has an impulse to sublimate with it, and then integrate into the Tao of Heaven and Earth. When the last petal bloomed, his knowledge of the sea shook, and there was a beam of light in the fairy flower. In the beautiful brilliance that even the emperor was intoxicated with, a physical fairy flew out, as high as a fist. It was a lifelike fairy, flying over the flower, dancing in the world of mortals, stirring up the eternal silence, disturbing the world and crossing the long river of time. Ji Huanyu's eyes shot out a brilliant divine light, in this moment he enjoyed a kind of extreme beauty, felt a kind of immortal Tao and track, and saw the road ahead of his own Tao! …… In this universe, many forces have been silent for several years, but every creature can feel a heavy pressure, although I do not know where it comes from, but there is always a sense of disaster. Zixiao Palace, Dao Palace, God Organization, these three forces ruled 70% of the territory of the universe, in the past time constantly shrinking power, many sites will be stationed in the army transfer, leaving only a few monks responsible for guarding. Even so, no force dares to occupy, because the contraction of power is like a person clenching his fist, once it breaks out, it is ground-breaking! Over the past few years, from time to time, the eight wastelands of the universe have shocked the world, illuminating the starry sky, frightening the world, and perceiving the power of the quasi-emperor, which is extremely terrible. In places unknown to ordinary people, the leaders of several major forces are meeting, talking and exchanging their opinions. Most of the underworld has noticed our movements and made corresponding arrangements. The old Shinto of the God organization, «Lord Chuanying said that he had sensed some mysterious breath, and that they had mostly revived the bodies of those who had made great achievements in the past!» «Although those corpses are missing, they are also a big threat to our quasi-emperor.». We can't delay any longer. We must mobilize our strength to conquer the forbidden zone! «In that case, let's get started.» The army starts to kill the underworld! The old woodcutter said, «As long as it takes a while, we will join forces and wipe out the underworld!» «Before hitting the underworld, first pull out some nails and kill the underworld's Yin soldiers and Yin generals outside the underworld.» Too easy to open his mouth, eyes blazing, murderous, «they carry the body, disrespectful to the dead, should have been beheaded!» «Good!» …… A bloody impact of the evil spirit, the stars are covered all over the sky, killing the sky alone, one person,pump tube, one sword, killing the stars in blood, sweeping the star field occupied by the underworld.

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