Do-woo! Stop it

Seeing that Yue Jiya had taken out from his bosom a bundle specially used to bind immortals, Xuanyi had no time to think about anything else. The first thing he had to consider now was how to escape. Really let Lv Mei and Yue Jiya tie him up, can not run away. There was not much spiritual power left, and there was no need to go all out. He already knew most of the secrets before, and now it was important to run for his life. Although the art of escape also consumes a lot of spiritual power, but at the moment it can only be used, Xuanyi in the heart of a dispute, thinking about the next step. While Lv Mei was leaning on a small tree cut at the waist beside him, he threw out a bright yellow amulet, and then saw a flash of white light, and he shrank into the ground with a «whoosh». Yue Jiya originally thought that he was seriously injured and could not use any tricks, but when he saw him running away, his movements stagnated and he was dumbfounded. Xuanyi hid in the ground, secretly proud of the heart, but did not expect to scurry around, always can not escape from the surrounding radius of a mile. He quickly probed around with his fingers, only to find that the soil around him had been shielded, so he could not escape. Hum! Yellow-haired children. Do you think I'm not aware of this Maoshan trick?! «The word has been passed on to you,plastic trash bins, a strange man in Maoshan.» Lu Mei's proud voice came from the top of her head through a layer of soil. Xuanyi secretly scolded the cunning old witch, and was too lazy to bicker with her, so he saved all his strength to escape. Shuttle back and forth in the mud locked by the barrier while the escape is effective in half a cup of tea. Although Yue Jiya saw Xuanyi scurrying around like a gopher, he was really helpless for a moment. Yue Jiya: ".." Lv Mei: ".." Lv Mei and Yue Jiya looked at each other and looked at the seven or eight pits that had already appeared in front of them. They were speechless for a moment and could only hold their foreheads. The second son of the Xuanjia family, as expected, did not follow the right path and followed the left path. He could stretch and shrink, bend and bend,plastic wheelie bins, and learn what was like what. He was also a genius in the world. Yue Jiya simply stood in place to watch him toss about, intending to wait for Xuanyi's spiritual power to be exhausted before taking him down. But at this time, suddenly saw a white shadow in the sky like a lightning star galloping. Washing Heart Sword Ice Blue Sword cuts through the air barrier laid by Lv Mei in the air, and the crisp sound is like a collision of gold and jade, which breaks the barrier in an instant. Immediately afterwards, a figure seemed to be swept up by the wind and the clouds came to our eyes in the blink of an eye, so fast that we could almost hear the wind whistling when he flew. Meng Che! Xuanyi was struggling to escape, and when he heard the sound of the sword cutting through the barrier, he quickly came out of the earth and gave a cry of joy. He could not help but reach out and touch the jade pendant with a slight coolness in his arms. Sure enough, his guess was right. Meng Che was able to find him so quickly before and confirm that he was the one whose face had changed, which must have something to do with this jade pendant. Just when he was attacked by Lv Mei, there was a faint chill in the jade pendant, foldable bulk container ,plastic bulk containers, and Meng Che sensed it at that time. Meng Che saw that he was all right at this time, and his worried eyes were covered with the chill of the past. Then he quickly focused his attention on Lu Mei and Yue Jiya, and the cold spiritual power emanating from his whole body seemed to condense the air. Lv Mei saw that it was the young man who had blocked his move on the edge of the cliff at that time, and she didn't care at all. The younger generation of immortals, no matter how high they are in the same generation, can't be compared with her who has been cultivating for many years. Besides, Yue Jiya himself is also a master of the younger generation of immortals. Their master and disciples are more than enough to deal with one person in front of them. «Ji Ya,» said Lu Mei with a sneer, «there's a dog in the way. Just kill him.» Meng Che's cold eyes looked like a cold pool for thousands of years, and the pupils congealed on Lv Mei's body were motionless at this time. At first glance, they looked like a lifeless ice sculpture. It was obvious that Lv Mei's evil words had no effect on him. Yue Jiya has not seen Meng Che since he failed to compete with him at a talk a few years ago. Meng Che was the only person in the world who convinced him to lose, because Meng Che's cultivation was pure to the extreme, and his mind was pure without distractions. Such an opponent, itself has been combined with the spirit sword in his hand, how difficult it is to beat him, not to mention recently heard that Meng Che Xiuwei suddenly increased, at this time suddenly met such a strong opponent, Yue Jiya can not help but feel uneasy. Yue Jiya lost a lot to him just because of his indifference to everything. Seeing the disciple's hesitation, Lu Mei opened her mouth and said, «Don't be afraid. Master is with you. If you don't believe me, you can't kill this boy who doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth.» With that, Lv Mei breathed a deep sigh of relief and stood up, clenched her sword and came to Yue Jiya's side. Meng Che did not squint, clenched his fist with his left hand, only raised his index finger and middle finger together, and turned them over gently in front of his eyes. A gust of wind suddenly swept up the fallen leaves and gravel in the forest and danced wildly with the wind. Yue Jiya quickly raised his hand to block his eyes to prevent the dust in the wind from obscuring his eyes. As soon as he put down his arm, he saw one more person in front of him, standing back to back with Meng Che, dressed exactly the same as his face, dressed in white like a fairy, but when he looked closely at his figure, he found that it was a little weak. This! This is Legendary-Distraction photography! Rumor has it that distraction photography is a technique that can only be practiced when the Mahayana realm is reached. This spell can turn your three souls into virtual shadows, and attack different objects in battle with the body, and the immortal power is almost similar to the body. Only Ziyun Shangxian and Hanzhen Sanren, who have been missing for a long time, can practice this technique in the world. There are so many immortals and celebrities that even the suzerain of the great immortal clans has only reached the realm of OBE, and no one has ever heard of being able to become distracted. Unexpectedly, Meng Che's cultivation has reached such a state. He is only twenty years old! How can this not be surprising! This kind of cultivation is far away from the immortals of their age for eighteen streets! Lv Mei was about to carry the sword, did not expect to see this scene out of the blue, was also surprised to a body stagnation. But somehow she was also a senior Xiuzhen who had seen the world, and soon she reacted,wholesale plastic pallet, with all the contempt in her eyes and a little more caution and caution in her eyes. Ho! Lv Mei took the lead in taking action. As soon as she jumped into the air, the sword full of spiritual power brought up a stream of air in the air and stabbed Meng Che in the heart like a bamboo. One shot is a killing move. Immediately after, Yue Jiya also joined the dogfight.

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