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CCIOLA,Chinese Pinyin «Chilan»,means ride flying in the sky which symbolizes freedom and democracynward.It comes from the Greek word «LUCCIOLA», means firefly, fireflies are with Natural, Romantic and Power.CCIOLA companyis taking responsibility forall of our family peoples back to the nature andusing our power to search forthe peace and romance inwardOne firefly is small and with tiny power, but if we all be together,we can light up the whole sky.And we can care about each other and encourage each other...
Company profile
Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd,Located in zhengzhou, China.
Since 2000,Originated from Henan Dongfang I./E. Corp. Newly registered in 2012.
The company relies on various e-commerce platforms + to participate in foreign professional exhibition platforms.
It is a combination of production and trade, industry and trade integration business.
Committed to serve Europe and USA market on textile and clothing.
Our Certificate
Advanced equipment:
Seam tape equipment,Automatic formwork machine and Automatic quilting machine锛孴hese equipments have greatly improved our production efficiency.
Seam tape equipment
Automatic formwork machine
Automatic quilting machine
Our team :
Development department
Sales department
Purchasing and sourcing department
Technical department
Sampling room
Quality supervision department
Transportation and documentation department
Our Service
1,working process for proto samples :
2,confirmed order are coming :
Our Location &Transportation :
1. Centre part of China, very important place.
2. Yellow river is 10km north of Zhengzhou, it is the cradle of Chinese culture.
3. Capital cities in the old dynasty.
Transportation Junction :
Henan province has total 6000km high speed way = no.1 in China
Henan province has the airline to all the province
Population :
Acreage of Henan provice = State of Washington, USA
Population of Henan province= 33% Total o f USA
Most largest population province in China
Our company is a garment enterprise integrating industry and trade with one factories. If you are interested in us or any of our products, please feel free to send us a message,thanks.Quilted Padded Jacket supplier
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